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Coaxial Cable


Conductor Acc. to IEC 60228


Coaxial cable is used as a transmission line for frequency signals, computer network connection, digital audio, internal wiring of TV, radio receiver, tape recorder and other equipments.

Pilihan warna


1- Conductor : Annealed Bunched Copper Wire
2- Insulation : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
3- Shield Tape : Aluminium Tape (-A type)
4- Shield Braid : Annelaed Plain Copper Wire
5- Outer Shield : PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Karakteristik Umum

Test Voltage : 1 kV / 1 Min
Max. Operating Temperature : 70°C
Insulation : JIS K 6723
Min. Tensile Strength : 10.25 N/mm²
Dimension and WeightElectrical Properties
TypeCross Section AreaConductor DiameterThicknessBraided ShieldOverall DiameterCable Weight (100m)DC Resistance 20°CWave Impedance
mmmm²mmmmN x MM/PinmmKgMax. Ω/kmMin. M.Ω.kmΩ
RG 580.5019 x 0.180.950.907 x 0.12/165.103.8536.010050
RG 59 (3C-2V)0.301 x 0.601.550.957 x 0.12/165.954.6565.010075
RG-6 (5C-2V)0.501 x 0.802.051.007 x 0.12/247.407.1036.010075